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So, what is Xero? In a nutshell, it is cloud accounting software. What does it mean? You, or any of your trusted advisers, can log in and work on your books from anywhere in the world with an internet connection at any time. No backups, no bouncing emails, no messy FTP transfers or ‘client portals’ to your accountant.

It’s simple. It’s secure. It’s stylish. Wait a minute, do you mean…? Yep – it looks good too. When you log in from your computer, iPhone, tablet (whichever you use, they all work), you are presented with your ‘Dashboard’ – a colourful, graphic representation of the health of your business.

So: what’s the catch? I guess it depends how you define ‘catch’. Xero is available only on a subscription model, which means you pay a monthly fee rather than a once off fee. The flip side of it is that you don’t have to buy upgrades each year (new features are added as soon as they are available), you don’t have to install updates, patches or fixes, you don’t have to worry about backing up your data, and your financial records are stored on servers with bank-grade security… I bet your office PC doesn’t have that :)

Here’s the benefits:

  1. Anywhere, anytime: If you have an internet connection available, you can know how your business is going
  2. Efficient: Streamlines the data-entry process, and for the tech savvy, you can generate and email invoices to your client before leaving their office!
  3. Cost Effective: Cost is proportional to features – if you need less features, you pay less
  4. Secure: Resting on bank-level security systems, you can be assured your financial information is secure
  5. Low maintenance: No more updates, upgrades, patches or backups. Every time a new feature is finished, it is available for you to use

Firm Foundations can offer you a fixed price quote to look after some or all of your bookkeeping needs – check out our menu for details. It makes sense: you pay a fixed amount for your mobile each month. You pay a fixed amount for your rent each month. Why wouldn’t you pay a fixed amount for your bookkeeping too – knowing that you are getting a reliable, quality service without any surprise costs.

Contact us if you would like to know more about how Xero can help improve your looks, personality and financial control… OK, maybe just the last one :)